Friday, February 12

A Quiet Time

Not much has been happening over the last 2 weeks hence no posts but this week alone has seen so many road closures and diversions that it is not possible to get into the town centre.

The main thoroughfare into town is closed for 4 weeks but the contractors never seem to get the work done on time so I don't hold out much hope. Tonight will be the big test as the main road where all the niteclubs are is closed off meaning our busiest taxi rank is not available for use so it looks like we are going to have nowhere to park up tonight.

I wonder how the clubbers will get in and out of the niteclubs and when they do, they will have to walk a bit to find a taxi.

Other road closures in the town include one of the main routes to the next town and is a very busy road. Temporary traffic lights are causing long tailbacks all over the area and with it being Valentines weekend I reckon it could be a busy one.

Road Delays +people going out + plus valentines weekend = Pandemonium


Paul the Cab Driver said...

It is ever thus. City "planners" never really do a good job planning, and somehow, the transportation needs of the vast majority of the citizens always gets the short end. It is this way in Phoenix Arizona where I drive taxi too.
You can console yourself with the fact that you live in a very lovely town. I searched for images at as I had never even heard of Barrow in Furness before I stumbled onto your blog. Well, at least the photographers made it look lovely.
Anyway good luck with your cab driving career, and just remember: The authorities get very very angry when you steal one of the construction barricades and hurl it through the picture window of a city councilman's house. Don't ask how I know that.

Bill said...

If you want images, I have another website up which contains over 3000 images of the area dating from mid 1800s to modern day