Sunday, February 21


After an unexpected snowfall early this Sunday morning the streets and gardens of Barrow became home to a large assortment of snow folk. None that I saw were bigger than the one pictured above. But even apart from its huge size the clues were there that this snowperson had been built by an over competitive parent. The main thing to me was that, I know kids would never build a snowman looking out and away from their home. No matter how grand or humble the snowperson it has to be seen from the house usually from the kids bedroom window.
Talking about huge erections I was embarrassed this morning when I pointed out a large snowman to an elderly lady fare. How was I to know that the cheeky varmints that built him had made him anatomically correct!  Mind you I do think they may have exaggerated a bit but then again I’m no expert on snowman’s bits.

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bangor1927 said...

I like the snowman's green hair....!