Wednesday, February 24

A Narrow Escape

Out on the roads today I was nearly caught up in an accident whilst driving down a main road at 24mph. Obviously the car coming out from the left didn't look properly and must have only glanced in my direction for him not to see me and pulled straight out in front of me. Its lucky I was only going slow and had a good reflex reaction when I did an emergency stop otherwise I could have hit him.

The oronic thing is that the car behind me was a police vehicle that witnessed what had happened as he had to brake as well to avoid hitting me. Yet, the other car carried on totally oblivious to me being there and the police vehicle also carried on rather than turn round and have works with the driver.

In-Car CCTV footage shows the incident


NYCabbie said...

Stay safe, have to witness a lot going on similar kind in this job

John said...

The newspaper flying forwards shows how hard you breaked.

Anonymous said...

lucky you had your GLASSES on lololol this is a private joke lolol ask billy about road cambers

Bill said...

Thanks for that Mr White. The car was on an angle and I blamed a fat passenger in the back but it was the road camber.

Not having much luck lately. I recall this

Peggy said...

I'm glad you've got good brakes and reflexes! Watch out for the other guy and be careful!!