Sunday, September 20

Not a sporting chance

Why is it that quite a lot of passengers that get in the cab will start up a conversation about the Rugby or The Football or The Cricket or any other sport. They will say something and then ask what you thought of it.

I would frequently say to them "it doesn't interest me and after all, its only a game."

I`m entitled to my opinion and if they ask me what I think then I should be allowed to say what I do think and if that's my opinion then they should respect it, either that or keep their mouths shut in the first place and don't ask.

However, this one guy I picked up then went onto say that I must support some team as its the way of life. Everyone has to support a team and why do I not bother with it. He kept going on throughout the journey about me not supporting any team.

Why should I? If I`m not interested then why should I pretend to be. I`ve always adopted the attitude of speaking my mind. Sometimes I may have sailed a little too close to the wind but if I`m asked for my opinion and I give it then its their problem if they don't like what they hear.

This guy then went on to tell me what a great team he supported (I cant remember who it was as I wasn't really taking much notice) and tried his hardest to get me to support them. He just wouldn't shut up and was adamant that he would have me interested in his team before the journey ended.

Its a bit like religion isn't it? Imagine those religious people coming to your door to preach the gospels and try to convert you to their faith. He was trying to get me interested in something I couldn't be bothered with and why should I be.

I am a great believer that we are all unique individuals and should be allowed to believe in any religion we like, just like we should be able to support (or not bother) with any sport there is.

We have that choice and shouldn't be forced into something we don`t want so why do these people get in the cab and naturally assume that you are interested in the match or game and when you say that you don't follow it then they keep going in your face about it.

Eventually I did tell him who I supported.... I told him I supported all the other cabbies that throw idiots like him out the cab and if he didn't shut up then I would do the same with him and maybe I just might not stop the car when I do it.

Maybe I had opened my big gob again but he took no notice of me and carried on babbling on.
This was one fare I was glad to have out of the cab.

Its not much to ask is it. Don't shove your beliefs, football teams or any other crap in my face and just sit back and enjoy the ride home.

And the best bit.... This guy was on his own, stone cold sober and had just finished work so their was no excuse for his attitude.


Peggy said...

There is nothing worse than a bore who won't respect anybody else's opinion and you have to listen to HIS or hers for what seems like far too long.

eibbore said...

I totally agree, it's like a religion. Something or someone to believe in.

I hate when people try and force their beliefs on you. You can abide by them by I shouldn't have to hear about it.

King of New York Hacks said...

The real shocker was when I got to the last sentence and he was cold sober. Ha !! I'd hate to have him NOT sober. I get them all..."you eat meat? How could you? "You don't like Sex and the City" What planet are you on? "You LIKE driving this cab ?" ....Yes I do..when its empty and my pockets are full. Another day another fare, as we move along. Great post.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought a taxi driver would know how to spell the word 'fare'! I don't know, this country, what's it coming to....