Thursday, September 17

Under the influence....

This week I picked up two young girls aged around 20 maybe 22 years old and they were chatting amongst themselves and the usual girly conversation was about parties they had been to, and then one of the girls said to the other girl , and I quote,

"Your Dad was lucky he didnt get caught drink driving when he came back up the motorway".

Her mates reply was "I was sh**ting myself as he was all over the three lanes at 80 miles per hour."

Did you know he was drunk? came the response from the first girl.

Second girl replies. "Yeah but we had to get back home and didnt want to leave the car overnight"

Some people seem to think that it is socially acceptable to drink and drive, not only putting their own lives at risk but also other people as well. As for the girl who travelled in the car with her drunken dad behind the wheel then I have no sympathy. They are both as bad as each other. Her for knowingly allowing herself to be put in this danger and him for being a complete idiot.

Lets face it, what sort of decent father would put his daughters life at risk allowing them to be carried in a vehicle where the driver is drunk.

I was going to do what I normally do and open my big mouth and tell them what I thought of them but on this occasion I just kept my mouth shut and didnt say a word.

Just as the girls were about to pay the fare and get out the car one of them said to me, "You didnt hear that conversation about my dad did you?". I just shook my head and ignored her. It wasnt even worth me having a go at her about it as experience says that people like that never listen and never learn.

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al said...

saturday gone i picked a girl up from the police station she passed me a piece of paper with the address on ulverston 11.50 love she couldnt believe the price till i explained were her car was. she was from liverpool coming to barrow she got stoped drink driving in ulverston. later on that day i picked a bloke up maoning hed just been caught drink driving the week before and hed just ordered a 60 grand car and was trying to cancel it the garage wouldnt so hes left with a car a big bill and he cant even drive it seems like everyones at it