Thursday, September 24

Twos Company, (Threes a crowd)

Picked a fare up last weekend. A young couple. He sat in the front and she sat behind him in the back. She was very quiet and never once spoke. Not even to say Hello, Goodbye or Thank you except for one sentence which I will come to soon.

He was the opposite and spoke all the way on the short journey of around half a mile. He tells me how he wanted to win the lottery so that he could travel the world and do what he wanted to do.

I then asked him if he was taking anyone with him to which he replied and I quote. "I`d take the young nurse that I have been seeing for the last 4 months. Wouldnt take the wife as shes too boring".

At this point the girl in the back shouted some obscenity at him and exclaimed that they had been married to each other for 2 years and then a full scale argument starts in the car.

It turns out he had been going out at night saying he was with mates and all the time he was with this nurse. He`s only himself to blame as his reponse to her exclamation was "Oh Shit.... You were that quiet I forgot you were in the car. Sorry Luv.."

I was asked to stop the car while she got out, she insisted on walking home so he then paid the fare and walked off after her.

Not my fault I thought so best leave them to it and not get involved so I pulled away and just went onto my next job.


Peggy said...

What a twit!!

eibbore said...

What an asshole!

NickRP said...

Amazing, LOL.

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