Monday, April 27

No Food cos I said so...

Last night I picked up two girls from the local Chinese takeaway. One of them had food which was not wrapped up and I refused to take her unless she wrapped it up. I do have a sign saying no food and no drink to be carried open or consumed in the car but no one seems to take any notice.

She asked me why I wouldn't allow food in the car and I explained that if I pulled up quick due to some idiot stepping out in front of me then I would probably end up with curry all down the back of my neck. She insisted that she wouldn't spill it but I`ve heard it all before and stood my ground. She did eventually wrap it up but what annoys me is that if I was to do it in their car then they wouldnt like it. - No respect for property thats not their own.

On a serious note, if I was to have an accident and the food got spilt due to the accident and a passenger got scalded off it then would my insurance pay out. I doubt it. So there's another reason not to have food open in the car.


Peggy said...

I love the "because I sais so" answer but my kids hate it!

Spencer said...

Don't forget
It stinks
And it stinks for ages

Skyring said...

They get drunk, buy something at two in the morning because they're hungry, get in the cab and promise they aren't going to eat it. Just how stupid do they think I am?

They can either eat it on the spot, dump it or find another cab. They aren't going to be wiping their greasy pizza fingers on my nice leather seats!