Saturday, April 25

Lap of Luxury

The latest car to join our fleet at A1 83-83-83 is certainly turning a few heads.
Local taxi users just cannot believe it when this brand new Bentley look- a- like purrs to a halt outside to pick them up. Then when they step inside to a world of plush leather and walnut trim to be transported in the lap of luxury they are astonished.

One chap who had ridden in style the previous day told me, when I picked him up in my more mundane saloon that he couldn't stop smiling for the rest of his day.
Tony the colourful character who runs the big shiny beast tells me that it can be hired for any occasion. Weddings, nights out, birthdays, executive travel or even just to give your old mum a treat.


andyt72 said...

was just gonna buy one of these this last month and what a beast they are and a bargain at only 25k
but ive opted for the volvo v70 t6 3 litre a very worthy sucsessor

NYC taxi photo said...

chrysler 300? oh that might only last a half year, never-mind that, what about how hard it must be, and will be in the future to get repairs if or when the company goes under?

Anonymous said...

Oh my god , well good luck to you TOE lol , as for parts well as with any other car you can always find spares , and yes tonight CHRYSLER have declared the company BANKRUPT ....... is'nt that IRONIC ...... billions paid out to stop the auto industry going under.... tut tut .... enjoy hope it works out for you ..... colourful lad .... guess who ... sis

reversing camera said...

This is really amazing..