Wednesday, April 29

Stupid Girl

More CCTV footage shows a girl standing in the middle of the road on her own making no attempt to move when she saw me. I had manoeuvre around her as she just stood there. Afterwards I stopped the car and could hear the conversation between her and a friend.

It appears that the young girl in the road (aged around 14) was arguing with her friend saying she wasn't going home and has had enough of life and was going to stay stood in the middle of the road and not move.

Shortly after, the young girl was dragged off the road and onto the pavement by her friend, then the young girl ran off with her friend chasing her.

1 comment:

NYC taxi photo said...

looks like you may have been calling her bluff. lucky she didn't jump into the car trying to end it. i suppose she was smart enough to know it'd just lead to a broken bone or two.