Wednesday, June 18

Go Invisible

It seems that for the bargain price of $24.95 I can buy the secret of invisibility. They assure me that it's not a toy or magic trick or even an illusion or ninja technique. Wow even the CIA and "foreign agencies" use it, I won't even have a shadow. What do you think, should I hurry and order it now! Mmm maybe not, if anyone else is tempted and buys it let me know if it works please. But remember folks "moral purposes only"


Peggy said...

Moral purposes only? That's a shame. I can only think of evil applications for this. ;-)

John said...

Yes he will vanish when he gets your money.

Gazza said...

I dont know why but something is telling me it's crap lol.

Bob said...

peggy: Yep me too,we both must be immoral eh!

john:Yes that must must be the invisible bit.

gazza: It may be crap but it's $25 crap.Oh plus postage!