Thursday, June 19

Big Denis

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Well it seems that”Big Denis" has got his undergarments in a twist over my comments about new taxi drivers being made to undertake some form of training. He seems to think that the present rules are enough to keep the fly-by-nights out of the trade. Let’s see what do we have? First the driving test, well that's basically a ride round the block and anyone who can't pass this simple test wouldn't have a driving licence in the first place. Then we have the medical which can be taken privately at any doctor’s surgery and is limited to a count of limbs and the ability to breathe. Then we have the criminal record check, which even if the applicant is revealed as having a record won't in most minor cases exclude them from getting a taxi licence. This he tells us comes to the staggering sum of £100. Wow, come on Denis that isn't a lot of cash nowadays is it? Drivers who are already in the trade could only benefit from a training scheme for new drivers, it's simple, less new drivers equals more trade for existing drivers. And as an added bonus Barrow folk get a better taxi service.

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roy said...

Ain't no such thing as bad publicity, you owe the Big D a pint!