Monday, June 16

Movie Muppets

I picked up a chap this week that had been forced to use a taxi, because he had had his pride and joy car stolen and crashed recently. His motor, he told me had been found wrecked and would probably be a total write off.
 But even he, the unlucky victim had to laugh as he told me how the police had caught the car thieves to blame. 
 After dumping his wrecked car they had gone on to attempt to pinch another motor but were interrupted by the local cops. The boys or girls in blue happened to have the good sense to check out the mobile phones that the gang were carrying. Lo and behold the clowns had actually filmed each other breaking into and driving away several more cars. 
A whole series of Barrow's car crimes were solved at a single stroke by the video evidence kindly provided by the daft bunch of movie making muppets.


Paradise Driver said...

Another case to add to my Lex Luthor Doesn't Exist file. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Thanks for the best laugh of the morning so far :)

Bob said...

wil yep they keep coming.
thea: Glad it made you laugh.

Peggy said...

What a bunch of numpties!

Gazza said...

Clever kids these days.