Monday, April 7

Shoe Swap

Not all taxi jobs actually involve carrying passengers, bunches of keys and parcels are often the only ones along for the ride. 
We get some strange jobs like this and today’s was one of the strangest.
I had pulled up outside the house from where a taxi had been called and pressed my call-back button to ring their phone. After a minute or two the taxi back door opened and shortly after closed again. Thinking my fare had got in I asked "were too please" I got no reply and so turned around, only to be met by the sight of a pair of lady's high heel shoes sat on the back seat. Baffled I sat there for a minute or two and then knocked on the door of the house which had ordered the cab. The lass that answered said "didn't they tell you? The job is to take the shoes to a house in town where the fare will be paid and you will get a pair of boots to bring back for which I will pay the fare." There’s probably a perfectly simple explanation for this but I can’t fathom it! But knowing what some lasses are like about shoes maybe it's normal for women to swap footwear via taxi.


Agent Orange said...

I'd say you'd become unwittingly part of some weird kind of performance art.

bob mullen said...

agent orange: Mmm I like a bit of performance art.

bigbikerbob said...

Hi Bob, One of my regular oddest jobs took place every sunday morning at 10.30, when i had to call in to the newsagents and collect 20 cigarettes and two sunday newspapers and deliver them to a private house a mile away.This took place every Sunday for nearly a year, the lady of the house said she took the goodies and a cuppa back to bed for an hour !!!.

bob mullen said...

Bob: Aye we get a few of them including one for a bottle of vodka every day for an alcoholic.