Monday, April 7

The Mutterer

By now I'm used to picking up the odd fare that likes to have a little chat to themselves, and tend to try and ignore it. 
But one particular chap I have picked up a few times lately tends to freak me out a bit. From the moment he gets in the cab he starts to have a long wild rambling discussion with himself, this carries on until he reaches his destination. 
The big problem is that he speaks in a low monotone consisting of one never ending sentence, this makes it hard to tell when he is speaking to you or himself. This unfortunately means that I actually have to concentrate and listen to his garble and try to pick out where he is going etc. 
This is part of an actual sentence he said to me one day "Gypsy gypsy cage fighter me fight with dogs fight with men champion cash money stop at shop get some tinnies walk the dog bit the postman going home off licence." 
 Much more of the same followed for the next never ending two miles. My head as always, on coming across this character, was spinning by the time I finally gratefully deposited him outside his house.

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