Monday, April 21

Crazy Horse Corner

Our new statue of Emlyn Hughes, on what some folk are now calling "crazy horse corner” has been there for a week or so now. Whilst driving past I have been asking locals and visitors what they think of our newest work of art. Funnily I could tell what some folk were going to say before they said it. Some of our fares like to take any opportunity to have a moan and groan about just anything, and so it was no surprise to hear their out of hand dismissal, as rubbish with barely a glance. One grudgingly said "aye alright, somewhere new for pigeons to crap eh!" A lot said "but it doesn't look like Emlyn" and so I asked if they would rather have a formal lifelike statue of him sat down dressed in a suit and tie instead of the sculptors impression of him in action. 
Most then agreed that it did capture his character, spot on. But most of Barrow's hard to please locals seem to like it and feel that it's an asset to the town. One chap summed it up by saying “it looks as if it has always been there, it’s at home." Visitors to town, who I pointed it out to, were all without exception well impressed. But sadly anyone under twenty who I asked for an opinion looked blank and asked "who is it?"

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved Crazy horse... great footballer great guy!