Tuesday, April 22


I thought I was reading a chav joke when I come across this piece from the Blackpool Gazette. It seems that "Karen Mintos" dog, a cross eyed rotweiller called "Abso" has been stolen. Her kids Angel Louise, Morgan Lee and Gypsi Rose and another on the way are missing him. Ms Minto 22 said"I can't believe anybody could be so heartless, Asbo must have been terrified."The thieves did not take the family's other pet, a nine-year old Alsatian cross. Asbo was given to the family by a friend but Ms Minto believes the pups are quite expensive to buy. What a chavtastic story, you couldn't make it up could you?


Anonymous said...

What's the similarity between a chav and a slinky ?

Neither serves any useful purpose, but it's fun to watch one fall down the stairs.

bob mullen said...

keith:I like that one.