Sunday, April 20

A Bridge Too Far

The plan was when they needed to close Michelson Rd Bridge was to do it on the Sunday when it's nice and quiet. But nobody seems to have told them that nowadays there’s no such thing as a quiet Sunday. A modern day Sunday is actually busier than the midweek, and the loss of this busy main route caused traffic pandemonium. Most folk were caught unawares by the closure and most of my fares apart from grousing about the extra cost of the longer journey knew nothing about the bridge closure. 
The diversion signs on the route from Walney were next to useless, a "road closed ahead" sign, a mile before didn't tell folk that the actual bridge was closed and many aggravated drivers wasted their time going the wrong way.
 Then to add fuel to the fire, drivers got trapped at the now much cursed Hindpool Road temporary traffic lights. Every little job to or from Walney and Barrow Island become an epic journey which would have been quicker on foot. 
Perhaps next time something more than a diminutive announcement in the” Public Notices” column of the Evening Mail is necessary to tell folk to stay home and avoid wasting their time.


Paradise Driver said...

Seems like the local paper and radio/TV stations should have had prominent notices also.

Bob said...

Wil: exactly mate, but sadly it seems that some journos don't seem to read the ads in their own paper, if they did they would pick up on things like this.