Friday, April 18

Hot Date

It was 9 am and the two ladies who fell into the back of the cab laughing and giggling, surprised me when they told me their destination. "The crematorium quick as you can we don't want to be late for the kick off" they said sniggering. “It's a bit early for us to be going to a funeral” they told me and then asked me "do you think they will have had time to stoke the fire up yet?" "Oh so it's not someone you were very close to you then? “I asked. "No not really, we're only going because the bun fight is at the Lisdoonie Hotel, and they always put on a good spread" was the cheerful reply.
 After this there was a minute or two of what I took to be a reverent silence, maybe the sorrow of the loss was sinking in and they had just been putting on a brave face? 
 But no, just as we drove through the gates of the cemetery one gripped the others arm and with panic in her voice groaned loudly “hey I hope that the bar will be open this early.” Her friends face went pale and she said”Oh my god I hadn’t thought about that, I hope so too”

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