Monday, March 24

Roiding Chavs?

Monday morning was the time for the party people who had been overindulging on Super Sunday to pay the price.
Lot's of folks nursing hangovers and telling tales of woe among the fares I picked up during the day. 
Two of my fares told me very different versions of the night they had spent at Barrow's Scorpio nightclub. First guy told me that he hated it and that the place was full of "roiding chavs" (otherwise known as a chavalanche), whatever that means! Second guy who I picked up later tells me " yeah Sessions was on, bangin tunes innit drive, gorrit on me Nokia innit mate" and then pulls his mobile phone out and plays some noise and points to the screen which showed some flashing lights. I was still no wiser, and decided that maybe in this case that ignorance is bliss after all.
Check the video below out if you dare, I can't make head nor tail of it myself.


Peggy said...

My son George refers to group of chavs as a chavalanche. :-)

Paradise Driver said...

Thanks funny, Peggy.

Bob, I am with you. I have no idea what I just wasted my time watching.


Bob said...

peggy: Thats a cracker, give my thanks to George. I have used that for the stuff that makes up the column that is published in the local paper every week.

Bob said...

Wil;I can only stand it for a minute or so, then I get a headache.

bigbikerbob said...

Hi Bob, Im sure the kids would say these sort of comments show our age !!!, mind you in my case I'm bloody sure they're right.

Bob said...

Bob: well apparently most kids hate this "music" it's only the chavs that like it.