Wednesday, March 26

Kate Moss Gets a Taxi!

Supermodel Kate Moss has just taken delivery of her latest must-have accessory - a brand new taxi - and she's now planning to use her extensive fashion Knowledge to customise it. The model, who was given the £40,000 taxi by her best friends, wants to turn it into a handsome cab. Maybe she wil lgo for classy leopard skin side panels, shocking pink hub caps, an initialised grill, furry dice and some whacking great speakers? "Kate had been hankering after a taxi for ages but really wasn't expecting to be given one. "It was a supreme effort by close pals Sadie Frost , Fran and Charlotte Cutler and Jess Morris - Rhys Ifans' ex - to pay Kate back for all the freebies she has given them over the years. They each contributed a quarter of the cost. It was a belated birthday present. "Both Kate and boyfriend Jamie Hince love the car and they have already lined up a few finishing touches - one of which is going to be utterly outrageous. Kate can't wait. "He's already arranged for the steering wheel to be personalised with her initials, and is getting the cab fitted with an iPod and six speakers, plus a hands-free mobile kit. Kate has raised the possibility of leopard skin backseats and furry dice. No one's sure if she's joking or not." Generous Kate has secretly decided to pay the girls back... by giving them each an original Banksy. The mum-of-one has a substantial collection of the graffiti artist's work. She plans to present the gifts when they have the next girls' weekend at her country home.

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