Thursday, March 27

Dancing Drunk

Is this one for real, what do you think? I have my suspicions.


Paradise Driver said...

Its fake.

Multiple "tell-tales" give it away.

1. No shoulder patch on uniform

2. No cop would turn their back on a suspect.

3. Day/Date/Time recording is wrong.

4. Few sober people can do the alphabet backwards that fast, let alone a drunk. Hell, most drunks can't even do it forwards.

5. She stood way too close to the suspect.

6. No reflection of flashing emergency lights.

And a lot of others that are even more subtle.

Bob said...

Wil:Yep thought it may be, and I thought that you would be just the man to confirm my suspicions. Cheers Wil

Anonymous said...

It's from "Reno 911". Very funny skit actually!