Monday, March 24

Easter Madness

Two major soccer matches, one with an early afternoon kick-off combined with the first super Sunday of the year guaranteed an explosive night. Boozed up gangs of opposing football fans roamed the town centre streets in search of trouble, and a lot of them found it in the full to bursting town centre pubs and clubs. Police were called to many of the towns bars to deal with fighting and disorder and lots of arrests were made throughout the night. Driving past one group of yobs who were amusing themselves by using some poor devils car as a bouncy castle, I was threatened with a kicking for daring to look in their direction. Most sensible drinkers seemed to head for the quieter bars away from the town centre mayhem, and I for one don't blame them. I gave up and finished earlier than planned after being driven to distraction by a drunken football fan. As soon as he got in the cab at Barrow's Strawberry Hotel his head fell onto his chest and he began to snore. After two or three very loud snores, he suddenly sat bolt upright and began singing football chants at the top of his very out of tune voice. A couple of meaningless verses and then his head droops again and two more very loud snores, and then wide awake and more tuneless caterwauling. This was to be repeated over and over again for the long five mile journey all the way to Walney's North Scale. Let’s hope he is a bachelor if not heaven help his poor long suffering wife.

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Peggy said...

That sounds like my version of hell. I'm so glad I wasn't near! You're very brave to be that close.