Saturday, March 22

Crash Corner

After spending £625.000 on "improvements” to one of Barrow's major road junctions at Abbey Road and Holker Street, I wonder if our rogue road engineers have produced a new crash corner. Looking round at the twisted metal railings and bent pedestrian crossing posts it looks like it's become a dangerous place for both drivers and pedestrians alike.
 In the latest incident a local Police van, said to be" attending an incident" was in a high speed collision with a taxi. If our supposedly highly trained guardians of law and order can't negotiate this junction safely what chances have the rest of us got?
 They tell me that a £50.000 statue of sadly departed local soccer legend Emyln Hughes is soon to be erected at the junction. How long will that last before being demolished by yet another out of control vehicle. Studies should be made into the safety of this busy junction and any improvements needed made before we have a fatality there.
Hat tip to Bill for the photo.

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