Monday, March 17

Pre Packed Lamb

Driving down the back lanes near Furness Abbey, I spotted that the new born lambs all seemed to be wearing bright orange fluorescent jackets. Was this elf n safety gone mad, did the farmer have some strange PVC fetish, or maybe he was a sheepish follower of fashion? But no it turns out that these plastic sheep jackets are the latest high tech way of preventing hypothermia in new born lambs. Still they looked good in them, I had a few trips going past there with lasses going to the local college and they were all delighted by the colourful baa lambs.

More photos on Two Steps Back.


Tom said...

This remnds me of the sheep on a farm adjoining the M8 between Edinburgh and Glasgow. To cheer up weary bored travellers a farmer has spray-painted his sheep red to amuse passing motorists. It certainly does the job. They don't seem to munch much grass as they stare at motorists. Still, if you're stared at all day I suppose there's only one thing to do.

These wee baa lambs should thank their lucky stars.

Bob said...

Tom: I find that it makes the landscape look a bit unnatural, it certainly draws your eye to the bright colours among the greens and browns.