Tuesday, March 18

$100 Question

We taxi drivers are usually a font of all local knowledge. We can tell you where to eat and more importantly where not to eat in town.. We can tell you what time the supermarkets open and close and if they are busy. We can tell you the busiest pubs and clubs for any day or time. We can offer totally unqualified medical and legal advice, whether you ask for it or not. We can even tell you the latest version of any local gossip and scandal that’s doing the rounds, whether it’s true or not. But the most popular question by far and one we get asked by hundreds of passengers,usually when they are half way to their destination is usually impossible to answer. The question is always accompanied by a patting of pockets or rummaging in the handbag. And the question is "did I lock my door" doh, how do I know eh!

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