Monday, March 17

Dear Pies

Unlike a lot of Barrow taxi drivers I'm not a big devourer of our local delicacy, the meat and potato pie. But I was surprised by just what lengths folk will go to get their hands on these tasty morsels. One of my fares today wanted to go on a short trip which would have cost them about £2, at the most. But first they wanted to go to Greens pie shop and grab some pies for lunch. When we pulled up outside I felt sure that the long queue snaking out of the shop and down the street would change their minds. But no, they asked me to wait and they joined the long line of hungry pie-munchers. And so I waited, and waited and waited some more, until they finally emerged victorious with the spoils. And so a £2 fare turned into £7.50p fare, wow all I can say is that the pies must be good if folks are prepared to go to that sort of expense for them.


Webbie said...

That's the first thing I did when I visited many years ago.

Off the train. Into the shop. Pie. Eaten.

Bob said...

Did you hear that Thomas's bakery won the local pie of the year contest.

jane said...

I tried one of Green's pies after hearing all the hype. I was extremely disappointed and cant imagine why anyone would pay that price, I would have one if they were being given away, but I wouldnt waste cash on one again.