Tuesday, January 8

Trunk Man

If you are planning a trip to Shanghai any time soon, you’d better keep your eyes on your belongings, even after you get into a taxi.
Here is a description from The China Daily of a new scam as it was played on a young woman after she got in a taxi to her downtown residence.
About halfway home, the driver received an “urgent call” and told Lei that he would have to drop her off and turn back. He waived her fee, unloaded her luggage and helped her get another taxi.
When she returned home, Lei discovered that her notebook computer had been removed from her luggage and called police.
After a month-long investigation, police determined that the driver had hid somebody in the trunk specifically to steal luggage. Both the driver and the “trunk man” were arrested.

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Peggy said...

Now if I visit Shanghai, I will look into the trunk that my luggage enters, just to make sure . . . .