Monday, January 7

Dirty Slapping

We hear a lot about the so called "happy slapping" craze in the media, but according to what I hear they seem to have taken it a step further here in Barrow lately. Story's reach me of gangs of drunken lads trying to outdo each other in pulling outrageous stunts with the cameras built into their mobile phones. This it seems involves one of them dashing up to scantily clad young lasses in local bars and nightclubs and lifting their skirts, or if they are wearing a boob tube pulling it down and exposing them. This is done whilst their mates watch from a safe distance and film the dirty deed on their mobiles. The poor lasses involved are then subjected to further embarrassment when the video is then sent to all their pals, and anyone else nearby via wireless bluetooth. Apparently this has led to some nasty punch-ups when the boyfriend of the lass involved has been sent the incriminating video. But they should realise that maybe it may seem like a good laugh at the time with a belly full of beer, but it’s nothing less than sexual assault and if they are caught they will be prosecuted. And let’s face it, that’s quite likely when the dunces are actually providing the proof by filming the crime, Doh!


bigbikerbob said...

Hi Bob,As all us taxi drivers know for sure, when the drink goes in....the brain goes out.

Bob said...

bob: yes you are sure right there.