Thursday, January 10

Dog Tag

It seems that nothing is safe from the tagging or graffiti craze which is sweeping the North West. Gangs of rival Chavs have even taken to vandalising each others dogs. This poor dog was scribbled all over with different colour markers after being left outside a shop by itself for about 10 minutes. The 'sick yobs' as the owner called them, also left a smiley face on the dog's leg.


Peggy said...

Poor dog! I hope the dog wasn't hurt or frightened by that. It could be that the dog thought the gang was being friendly and the scribbling was a game. My Staffie Polly would have loved it.

Staffordshire bull terriers are the most frequently stolen dogs. I would NEVER leave mine outside a shop for even one minute. In addition, she has a collar, tag and microchip. This poor colour enhanced dog doesn't seem to have a collar (possibly removed for the photo). The owner is lucky that they didn't pinch his lovely dog.

Bob said...

peggy: Looking at the sad look on the dogs mush I don't think it enjoyed the paint job too much.