Friday, January 11

Rank Rage

Giant supermarket chain Asda has announced that they will fine drivers £60 for parking in its disabled or parent and child spaces when they shouldn't. They say that the fines will be introduced to all stores, including Barrow where they own the car park by March. It says that they will donate profits from the fines to baby charity Tommy's and the Motability car scheme for the disabled. Priority parking spaces are reserved for disabled customers with a blue badge in their cars and for parents travelling with a child under 12.
Whilst being totally in agreement with this scheme, I don't think they go far enough, especially in regard to our local Asda car park. Why not extend the fines to the inconsiderate drivers who park on our clearly marked taxi bay. The car park will have plenty of empty bays nearby but because the taxi bay is right outside the store they just have to park there, blocking us from collecting passengers and their many bags of shopping. Not too surprisingly it seems to be drivers of large 4x4s who are amongst the worst culprits. Hey maybe the profits could be donated to a charity for overstressed taxi drivers. Or maybe used on research into the affliction which affects the drivers when we, or the car park crew point out their error. Most grip the wheel and stare trance like straight ahead, seemingly unseeing and unhearing.


Paradise Driver said...

How can a private company assess fines? They have no court authority and no way to collect if the violator refuses to pay.

Peggy said...

I don't get that one either. ASDA is not a sovereign country just yet, but some stores are large enough to declare independence.

As for the gits in the taxi rank. . . Tap on the windscreen with a crowbar. If they don't listen to reason, tap harder.

Tom said...

My experience is that there are so many of these disabled car parks created (probably out of pc) that only a few are ever taken - Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons, halfords you name it.

Bob said...

wil; and peggy; I have done another post in answer to your questions and points.

ton:Yes it's elf n safty innit guv. That pc stuff has a lot to answer for eh!