Sunday, August 5

Flying Ant Day

Some Barrow folk were walking around waving jackets or bags around above their heads, others would not leave the house. Cyclist and motorcyclists stopped and pushed instead of riding, barbecues were canceled and even the most dedicated smokers moved back into the pub. And the cause of all this panic and mayhem was nothing more than the common ant. Admittedly their were millions upon millions of them, in some places the sky was almost black with the clumsily flying beasts. Known as "flying ant day"it happens once a year when conditions are just right for the ants nuptial flight. No one seems to know why they all choose the same time but the mating flight only lasts for about three hours after which the poor males all die(typical eh!) The females which survive bite of their wings and set about establishing new colony's, so be warned stock up on ant powder.


Bill said...

Got bid badly by them today. I was entertaining the crowds at Brisbane Park on stage with the Abbey FM roadshow and the ants were everywhere. They just flew straight into you. Got loads of bites. Hope it is only one day a year.

Bob said...

bill:I hope they weren't poisoned by biting you!