Saturday, August 4

Losing the Plot

It's all too common to see folk fly into a fit of road rage nowadays but when a driver who happened to be a lady stopped in the road unsure of driving between badly parked cars, it wasn't a driver who flew into a rage. I was sat patiently waiting for her to decide what she would do when I was startled by a shriek of rage from my male passenger. He then jumped out of the car and ran towards the terrified lady screaming abuse and swearing. I quickly reversed back down the street, and at that he left the lady alone and ran after his runaway cab. At first I refused to let him back in the cab, but after he apologised to the driver I relented. This had all happened before we had even got out of his street, but when I set about turning around to avoid the snarl up he got agitated again. He pleaded with me to wait until the road was clear because he had to go to his destination by a certain route. As we waited for the road to clear I caught a scent which gave me a clue about him. Most folk will know that after eating garlic or curry etc, that next day we excrete the smell through the pores in our skin, but my fare had a very different smell. He had the telltale odour of fresh raw mince, which is a side effect of some strong anti-psychotic drugs. As we drove and kept strictly to his route, he opened up and told me a little of the cause of his problems. He had been as he put it a "blow monkey" (cannabis smoker) for a few years but had lately been using the super strength skunk variety which is more and more widely available. This as he puts it made him "lose the plot"he went on to say that he thought that he was "living in a full time nightmare, with no way out. "This stuff is dangerous, people should be warned " he said.

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