Sunday, August 5

Damsel in Distress

When I drove into the quiet cul-de-sac, early this Sunday morning a car passed driving out. Then as I waited outside the address I was given the car returned and a couple got out. That's our house the guy said indignantly, and we don't want a taxi theirs no one in. Oh well wrong address I replied and started to turn the car around to go. But as I was turning round I noticed the twitch of an upstairs curtain. Things were quiet and I had driven two or three miles to the job and so I had an idea. I drove off and parked up in a side street and waited until the couple drove away in their car and then drove slowly back up to the house. A minute or so after I pulled up I was proved right by the disheveled half dressed young lass, who after checking that the coast was clear dashed out to the cab. She finished dressing as we drove and thanked me for coming back and then explained the situation, which I had already half guessed. Her boyfriend , the indignant couples son had sneaked her into his room the night before. Early next morning he had gotten up early for work, leaving her to wake up with a bad head in a strange bed. I just hid she said, it's not the way I wanted to meet his parents, their a bit strait laced.

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