Monday, August 6


Wow! I have just come across a site which actually advertises old classic American diners for sale. I love these things theirs just something about them that evokes classic old time America, but maybe that's because I'm English eh!
One bargain recently sold is the Moondance, a well known Manhattan landmark at Grand Street and Avenue of the Americas near the Holland Tunnel.

The buyers, Cheryl and Vince Pierce, got a decent bargain price of 7500 dollars on the downtown diner, it has had bit parts in a Spider-Man movie and television’s “Sex and the City” and “Friends.” Jonathan Larson, who wrote the hit Broadway musical “Rent,” even worked there as a waiter in the 1980s, according to a diner preservationist who helped find a home for the Moondance.
The Moondance is set to be lifted onto a flatbed truck next week and driven 2000 miles to the oilfields of south-western Wyoming. Let's hope that maybe one of our taxi bloggers in New York will capture the event on camera.


Webbie said...

Sadly these diners are becoming rare now. When I first moved over here I spotted three of them, but now there's none.

Good to see there's a site and people who still care and want to buy them. It is a bit of Americana which everybody loves.

Peggy said...

I love those diners! I'd love to open one here.

Bob said...

peggy:I would be your best customer.