Sunday, July 15

Digital Air

As I drove into the local Morrison's supermarket garage for some fuel, I was amazed to see what looked like a demented pensioner running round a car in circles and bobbing up and down. When I got closer I could see that he seemed to be trying to check his tyres. Just as he got the valve cap off the final wheel the machine just stopped working. Then after he had regained his breath and taken a handful of pills he picked up his sticks and drove of in disgust. Why didn't he just restart the tyre inflating machine I wondered, but all was explained when I went into the garage to pay. A sign was on display to tell us that they are now charging for air, it seems that if we spend £15 on fuel we will be granted a whole three minutes of fresh air. How generous of them eh! but if you aren't a super fit athlete and can't manage to check your tyres in that time, they have a special offer on air at 10p for a minute's worth at the moment. The sign goes on to tell us that the reason for this charge is that they have installed a new digital machine. Wow digital eh! how high- tech finally air has gone the way that they tell me TV and radio is going, that should be a big improvement then. But wait a minute the new machine is exactly the same as the old machine. Now if I didn't know better I would think that they were trying to hoodwink us into paying for ordinary air by calling it digital, but they wouldn't do that would they-- would they?

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