Friday, July 13

Game of Chance

Now that the UK government has dropped it's plans for Las Vegas style super casinos, gamblers looking for a high risk thrill would do well to head up to Barrow. Our crazily designed Tesco junction would make even the most hardened gamblers palms sweat and mouth go dry as they play this mad game of chance. Today I was actually on the roundabout coming from Abbey Rd when a driver who was at least twenty yards from the Hollywood Park direction accelerated straight at me. My lady back seat passenger squealed and moved seats away from the target door. I stopped bringing the busy Friday afternoon traffic to a standstill, and then had a heated discussion with the driver. Who insisted that he had the right of way and that" no he shouldn't slow down at the roundabout" and "no he didn't see the give way signs" and "they didn't apply to him anyway cos he was in a hurry" My passenger meanwhile, normally a quiet meek matronly type, rolled down her window and loudly traced the guys ancestry back several centuries, pointing out the female sides lack of morals and the male sides over fondness for livestock. Something has to be done to make this vehicular one armed bandit safer before someone is killed. Now I normally hate speed bumps but the only option I can see apart from scrapping this £1m roulette wheel is to install them on the lead up to this crazy dice with death.

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