Sunday, July 15

Lucky Find

This barnful of rare and valuable cars is alleged to have been discovered by a couple who bought some property in Portugal. The property comprised a lovely farmhouse and a large barn, no one had lived in the house or on the property for 15 or more years.
The new owners they say, while exploring their property, decided to look in the barn,
which they had not entered before purchasing the property. The barn door was padlocked and welded shut, but after much work with a grinder this is what they are said to have found.
"check out the pics and see if you recognise any of the cars"


Paradise Driver said...

The cop side of me womders if any were reported as stolen.

This one reminds me of the car that Patrick McGoogan (sp?) drove in the opening sequences of the old TV show "The Prisoner".

barnze said...

Kerchingggggg !

Bob said...

Wil:You could be right about the stolen bit.
The lotus does look like the one from Prisoner, what a surreal series that was! The village where it was filmed is still a big attraction down Wales I went there a few years back,

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

I was thinking what Will said.
The story behind how those cars got there would be an interesting read.

Bob said...

aaron:The whole thing is a bit of a mystery, trawling through google, some say it belonged to a deceased doctor and was his lifetimes collection.

Spencer said...

The Atlantis of Barnfinds