Tuesday, July 17

Bin Laden

What a nice little earner our local council have just quietly sneaked in, this one under the Environmental Protection Act 2005. As from Monday 22nd November local folk here in Barrow can be fined £100 for putting their wheely bins, recycling boxes, bin bags or other waste receptacles out on the wrong day. On any given day driving round the town centre you will find at least six, and as many as twenty wheely bins in most back streets. Now that is a big earner £600 up to £2000 or more easily earned in minutes. Only thing is that they just might have a hard job proving whose bin is whose, at £100 a time not many folk are going to admit it's theirs. In principle I agree with the idea, we have had big problems with vandals setting fire to these bins and resulting in the fire damaging nearby buildings and cars. The other thing is that it looks so dam scruffy and drags the area down to look like a slum, basically some folk are just to dam idle to bring their bins into their backyard. A much more sensible idea would be to remove the offending bins and if they want them back, which obviously they would, they should pay a sensible fee, say £30 or so. And what about the local businesses, many of whom seem to keep their trade waste bins permanently outside, will they be given time to make other arrangements?


Anonymous said...

Thats a thieving Labour Council for you.

Webbie said...

I remember when I was a kid the binmen came into your backyard, took the bin out, emptied it and then put it back. Times change.

(I've been trying to guess what street it is in the photo - Is that Glasgow Street at the end there ?)

James said...

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Keith said...

Hmm, looks like James above is a comment spammer and general low life scum.

Bob said...

webbie: When you think about it it must have been a bloody hard life being a binman back then. The back street is the rear or Lindal/ Arnside and it's Silverdale St at the top.

keith: I don't know much about these guys and how they work, perhaps you could do a post on it to enlighten us.

Webbie said...

How could I have got that wrong ?! I used to live on Marsh Street and must have passed there a million times.
Been away too long.