Tuesday, July 17


From what quite a number of fares tell me the stupid craze of tombstoning has been raising it's ugly head here in Barrow. Tombstoning is foolishly jumping of cliffs or high structures into water, at least two people in the UK have been killed attempting it lately. Apparently a group of high spirited lads, who were enjoying a night out on our local floating nightclub got a bit carried away with the effects of too much booze. They were on the outside smoking deck and one of the group was bet a hundred pounds that he wouldn't jump over the side. He having drunk more than enough beer and wanting to show of in front of the girls, foolishly did so. Luckily for him he survived the extremely cold water and managed to make his way to the dockside. After he had struggled up the steep high ladder to the quayside he expected to be greeted by his equally foolish mates with his hundred pounds winnings. Instead he was met by a posse of burly policemen who chucked him in a van, and handed him an eighty pound fixed penalty fine. You can't beat a bit of swift justice eh!

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TUFFENUF said...

This crap is going on in the states too. They call it "parkour" and the teenagers seem to want to jump off dangerous places. I refer to it as "dumb-ass jumping" and I have told my son that he had better not have any thoughts of doing something stupid like that! If you need a thrill - go ride a roller coaster!