Friday, July 20

Outside Loo

I spotted this strange looking car on Barrow's Hollywood Park, now this is someone who wants to be noticed. Apart from having a toilet bowl with a flashing light on the roof rack their was a garden bench, gnomes, plant pot, plastic cats, ladders and a flag. A large sign proudly proclaimed "Huddevilles King of the English Eccentrics" and another that he was "King of the Motorway and a True Brit Patriot" He was even parked in an odd manner, not for him one of the hundreds of surrounding parking bays, this guy I can see is one who doesn't go with the flow.


TUFFENUF said...

He may think he is eccentric, but everyone else probably views him as "fucking nuts!"

Anonymous said...

maybe hes one of these guys who goes on holiday with everything apart from the kitchen sink,

Anonymous said...

He spent the night parked on earnse bay a couple of weeks ago. I thought the loo seemed like a fine addition in light of his overnight stay even though it was somewhat lacking in privacy.