Saturday, March 10

Swiss Cheese

Someone must have told the contractors who dig trenches for the gas people that we have gold buried under the streets of Barrow. Our local streets are like a Swiss cheese with holes having been dug all over town, some of them having been left untouched for weeks at a time. Salthouse Rd is one of the worst affected areas with huge holes right on a dangerous bend and partly blocking a busy junction, it looks like a first world war battlefield with it's water filled trenches, but not a sign of the prospectors for days on end. God help any of our local drunks who happen to fall into these long term flooded mine shaft's, they would have no chance of escaping.

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Anonymous said...

Take heart it cannot be any worse than Edinburgh. It is absolutely diabolical here at the moment.

Like yourselves the holes appear, small ones at that, and very little sign of any activity.

It just depresses people's spirits and morale. It doesn't get better.