Sunday, March 11

Gullible and Embarrassed

Sunday seems to be the day for picking characters up, well it does for me anyway, and this Sunday was no different. First one of the day was the girl who I picked up with her boyfriend, from a house in Dalton. As we drove up Market St she pointed at Dalton's ancient castle up on the hill,"why is it covered with scaffold" she asked" what are they doing with it". Jokingly I replied "they are going to pebbledash it and put plastic windows in", her boyfriend kept a straight face and added "yes and a plastic conservatory on the back" She fell for it hook line and sinker and started saying "what a disgrace" and "how can they do that to a listed building" After a minute or two she spotted the smirk on the boyfriends face and set to work slapping him. In between the blows the guy told me that the previous night he had said to her "look at this bottle of Bud the label is written in American" and she had taken the bottle and was looking at it closely for a while before she realised that she had been suckered. Next up was the guy who come out to the car and asked if it was alright to bring his dog, I agreed it was OK as long as he kept it on his knee but as the guy looked the macho type with the shaved head and tracksuit, I was worried he would come out with some rottweiler or pit bull type dog, but his missus and little girl got in the back and he then got in the front holding the dog. "Don't say a word" he said and went red, the macho dog was a pure white boxer but it was wearing a pink dress and a polka dot bow tie. He muttered that his little girl had been playing dress-up games with the dog and that she insisted that the outfit stayed on.


Joann said...

Our job is a kick.

R2K said...

: )

SkippyMom said...

Boxers are such cuties, especially the whites...and are quite big dogs. Oh, I wish I had seen it. What a great dad for allowing the dress to stay on for the little girl and taking the embarrassment.

What a job you have!