Thursday, March 8


Day off today and so as Emma my daughter has broken her wrist in a playground accident, and is off school we had a run up the Lakes. We did a round trip starting at Bowness and going north up through Grasmere to Keswick and then back home via the west coast passing Egremont and Wabbertwaite. The photo is of Thirlemere which we passed on the A591 on the way to Keswick.


Peggy said...

Sorry that Emma has broken her wrist! Ouch!! You're a nice dad to take her to see pretty things on your day off.

Bob said...

Peggy: Cheers Peggy it's nice that she appreciates it too some kids wouldn't be interested.

Paradise Driver said...

That's some pretty country.

How long will Emma be in a cast?

My best wishes to her.

stroppyjock said...

Hope your daughter is back to full fitness soon. Casts are nae fun!

Regards from the desert Dave

Bob said...

Wil:Cheers she will have the cast on for about a month. Oh check out the comment from ironbed on "peace bonus for cabbies" do you think he wants to be freinds?
Dave:Hi how are things in the desert.

stroppyjock said...

Going okay Bob thanks, Rocket count up to 147. 21 Days to go then back to Lossiemouth to get my life sorted out, cannot wait and getting quite excited about changing careers and working for myself (no more desert tours). Beautiful weather over here at present +30 clear blue skies.
Regards fae the desert Dave