Sunday, March 18

Lazy Fellas

Sunday morning's I usually call in the drive thru Maccy Ds for a coffee at about eight. This Sunday I couldn't get anywhere near for the huge queue of cars lined up, this was surprising because usually I can drive straight through. I gave up in disgust and drove off, scratching my head and wondering what was going on. All was revealed when I picked up a young lass going to work there a bit later. From what she tells me, it seems that a lot of lazy fellas, instead of making breakfast in bed for the wife or mother, on mothers day prefer to go to the drive thru and buy it there instead. Still I suppose it's the thought that counts.


Paradise Driver said...

We won't honor "Mother's Day" until Sunday, May 13th.

Bob said...

I think it's something to do with when easter falls over here, Fathers day coincides with yours, I know as I was over in Florida for it last year.