Monday, March 19

Boo Boos

Well what a crazy busy weekend we had, everything seemed to happen on the same weekend, we had red nose day(comic relief) on Friday and then St Patrick's day on Saturday followed by one of our busiest days of the year on Sunday, Mothers day. And as usual I managed to put my foot in it, in a way to suit all the occasions. Friday morning I was seeing and picking up lots of people who were dressed up for red nose day, a lot of them, kids going to school. One pair I picked up weren't dressed up at all, they were with the mother and I happened to say to the kids "aren't you getting dressed up then?" The mother nearly snapped my head off "we're catholics and we don't support it because that charity funds birth control" she said, whoops that was the first boo boo. Next day and lots of folk out to have a good time on St Patrick's day, one of my fares was an Irishman and so of course I said "which pub are we off to then"and "don't get too drunk tonight" Their was a loud silence as he looked at me stonily for a while and then he said "I'm a alcoholic and I've never touched strong drink for ten years now, please don't tempt me" that was the second boo boo. And last but I think the worst was with the two women I picked up laden with flowers and cards, "ahh! off to see the mother then eh! get some brownie points, where too?" Again the silence for a minute or two then one said " the cemetery please"


Bill said...

Always the same old Bob putting his foot in it. I remember the one about Black Coombe and the Pets at home one. Bet you`ve not mentioned them on your blog.

By the way, love the photos. You need to get on my forum and give it a plug.

If you have a few minutes to spare and need a good website to look at then check I'm always updating it with new stuff.

stroppyjock said...

Picking up loads of tips and do's and donts from your blog Bob, keep up the good work!!

Regards fae the desert Dave

Dogbait said...

Opps, not a good day!

Peggy said...

Well, it happens sometimes. You got all your gaffes done in one cringemaking day.

Keith said...

At least you scored a very amusing hat trick.