Saturday, March 17

Lonely Hearts

Do you think that maybe I should set up a mobile dating agency, a sort of lonely hearts club on wheels? So far within the last week or so, three ladies and one fella have told me their partners had ran off with somebody else, and that they were now trying to rebuild their lives. But the amazing thing is that all of them I had never seen before, and yet they were telling me all the details of the breakup within minutes of getting in the cab. All of them had been in relationships for many years, one for over thirty in all, but they all told me that they felt they were too old to be going out clubbing to look for new friends. As one lady put it she hadn't been out as a single person for a lot of years and she felt awkward and vulnerable going round the usual town centre pub circuit. Maybe I should give them a card to fill in with their details and requirements and swap them between the sexes. Hey! maybe if I asked them to put how much they had in the bank on the card, I might even be able to sell the richest one's details to the highest bidder.


stroppyjock said...
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stroppyjock said...

I can testify that at 43 years old, and not a great looking bloke,that there is life after a long term relationship ends.
I was dumped after 21 years marriage (by text of all ways!)
Now have been going out with a fantastic new girlfirend for 18 months, have a new job on the horizon, more disposable income than I ever have had and life is sweet! (Apart from being in the desert for another two weeks) So folk have to Chin up and Push on through the hurt :)
Regards from the desert Dave.

Bob said...

Stroppyjock: cheers for that Dave I will keep that in mind next time I pick up a jilted lonely heart.

Anonymous said...

Could stroppyjock tell us his secret

John A Thomson said...

Sounds like they were all coming onto you in the hope you'd be their knight in shining armour or maybe they were just up for a good shag and you were the only one about - that includes the guy, big boy :-).