Sunday, February 4

Small World

Got this on comment on Ice Storm today which was posted on Jan 25th from Arron(he of the Truck Driver Blog) in Oregon, how strange eh!

"I had not watched this till you posted it.
A friend in Seattle called yesterday and asked how I liked the ice storm.
(we talk every month or so)
I told her I didn't have to work that day but I saw this video that you posted and couldn't believe it.
She said, oh I saw that too.
One of the parked cars belonged to her daughter!
So - A guy Ive never met posted a video of a Portland news clip, I see it and tell a friend 150 miles north and her daughter who lives in Portland was part of the whole mess."

"Makes one dizzy."


wil said...

It is a small world, isn't it?

Lugosi said...

Dang!! Wil stole my comment!