Thursday, January 25

Ice Storm

Let's hope we in the UK aren't due for any of this, we do seem to get the US weather a week or so later, but hopefully not as bad. This one pinched from Lugosi.


Anonymous said...

Actually that's nearly my home town... just 100 miles south. I noticed during our last ice storm that almost all the cars foolish enough to venture out on the road are expensive import SUVs, because the drivers have been hoodwinked into thinking they're invincible with 4 wheel drive!

Unfortuneatly when there's no traction, it doesn't matter how many wheels are engaged or how much the car costs... its still gonna slide sideways.

Life without friction calls for a whole new set of rules. I saw one guy on the news who taped two can openers to his shoes so he could just walk down the sidewalk!


Dogbait said...

Amazing! I've never seen anything like that and never want to! Today is a beautiful 24c, summer day and that's the way I like it!

Peggy said...

Gosh, I don't know about you guys, but if it was as slippery as that, I'd stay off the road. I feel bad for the parked cars that have been smashed. Can you imagine having to explain to the insurance company if you've hit more than three cars?

Bob said...

Anon:Yes we get the same over here but refer to them as 4x4s, last lot of snow and ice we had they were out in force and as you say they still slid sideways.
D.B: You've not lived till until having the experience of sliding gracefully and silently backwards downhill and wondering where you will end up.
Peggy: We seem to get lots of calls from folk who live right at the top of a steep hill and they want you to drive up it to collect them even thougth they won't risk driving down it in their own car,

Anonymous said...

Wow,I mean,like,wow.

KP said...

I think this movie should be named "Documentary evidence that Americans can't drive for toffee".

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

I had not watched this till you posted it.
A friend in Seattle called yesterday and asked how i liked the ice storm.
(we talk every month or so)
I told her i didnt have to work that day but i saw this video that you posted and couldnt believe it.
She said, oh i saw that too.
One of the parked cars belonged to her daughter!
So - A guy ive never met posted a video of a Portland news clip, i see it and tell a friend 150 miles north and her daughter who lives in Portland was part of the whole mess.

Makes one dizzy.