Sunday, February 25

A Load of Bollards!

I wonder how much the fancy electronically controlled bollards, which have been installed at the entrance to the small private car park behind Barrow's town hall cost. I would not be surprised if the price was £20:000 or £30:000 or perhaps even a lot more, but certainly the money would have gone a long way towards repairing some of our potholed roads and broken streetlights. It seems that when our VIP,s drive up a special pass card is inserted into a slot, the light turns green and the bollards slide silently into the ground allowing our bigwigs entry into the prestige car park. All this without even having to get out of the car and risk getting their hair wet or their shoes dirty


Peggy said...

How nice for them :-\

I guess you can't tie your dog to one of those while you go inside.

Dogbait said...

I can't remember if you posted this sometime back or someone else.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, Dave fron the desert again!! Only five weeks to go til i get home for good. We've had e-mail problems out here so probably didnt get your e-mail from before. Great Blog anyway and i check it out most days. Regards Dave Slater

Bob said...

Peggy: only if you don't want the dog no more.
Dogbait: yes that was me guilty as charged.
Dave from the desert: I wills sort that for you now.