Monday, February 26

Good Aura

You meet some odd characters in this job and you soon learn not to be too quick and judge folk by first appearances, and the couple I picked up today proved the point. The guy was huge, so much so that the front seat had to be pushed right back for him to fit in the cab. With long hair and a wild beard he was every inch the picture of a hells angel type biker complete with the tattoos and red neckerchief. She on the other hand was small and dainty and had the look of a downtrodden housewife. The guy started to give me directions and as he spoke I was surprised by how cultured he sounded, but before he could finish he was rudely interrupted by the shockingly deep and gruff voice of the lady contradicting him and telling me to take them to a different address. The "lady" then swore and belched loudly before settling down for the ten mile or so trip to Ulverston. The guy seemed to be an all round good egg and we got along great, chatting about all sorts of stuff as we drove along interrupted only by occasional belching and swearing from the back seat. He must have caught my badly hidden look of disapproval, and when a huge tattooed hand gripped my shoulder, I thought "this is when things turn nasty" but no I was wrong, he said " her aura is a lot nicer than her persona you know" I had no answer for that as I didn't have a clue what he was talking about. He then went on to tell me that he had the gift of being to able to see the good and bad vibrations coming from deep within a persons spirit. I looked at him afresh but no to me, he still looked every inch the big hairy biker type and not the sensitive spiritualist type. I wasn't going to ask but when they both got out and he leaned back in to pay the fare he held his hand close to my forehead for a few seconds and then pronounced "yes you have a light purple aura with a kind soul". Well that's all right then isn't it?

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